A few glimpses of my life as an Architect. A few homes, offices, bungalows, structures and passion for detail. This website is an attempt to put together my experiences, learning and my struggle as an individual to understand the profession. I also look at this website as a platform to share work, thoughts and experiences.

If I were to describe my work I would put it this way: defining spaces through simple elements, creating bigger spaces out of apparent smaller ones. Recreating spaces to live, work and survive. Putting materials together to create structures which are called houses, offices, factories and buildings.

Over the years the style and form have evolved although its been a smooth transition but a few things have remained constant: symmetry, neatness and an eye for detail.

"Art is irreducible to the land, the people and the moment that produce it; nonetheless

is inseparable from them. Art escapes history, but it is marked by it.....

the work of Art allows us to glimpse, for an instance, the there in here, the always in the now."

Octavio Paz