Tucked away in a leafy neighborhood, this is an office for the person whose job is to design other people’s spaces. So, the inevitable and clear mandate was to make it a living example of one’s caliber. Relatively not a huge space in terms of square feet – since it’s a converted residential apartment – the space also had more corners than any commercial premises. Another challenge was to convert not just the interiors but also entrails like drainage system, show walls and still maintain the aesthetics within the design parameters set at planning stage. The biggest space challenge was to include a fully equipped washroom in the smallest possible area.

By juxtaposing form with the space, this office was turned into a Zen den sort of an environment. With clear lines of both constructed as well as created form along with some niches, cuts and crevices, this office carries an aesthetic fluidity that can be felt clearly. Entire floor is kept visible by the use of elevated furniture where required and this uncluttered look is further accentuated by balanced use of art objects and knickknacks. The design is principally applied to create spatial demarcation without discrimination among reception, visiting, working, and meeting spaces. The owner’s space which is the only ‘close’ entity is also convertible to merge into the rest of the office. This convertible feature is used for a screening or presentation.

The 2-entry advantage is utilized to create an ancillary space for pantry or impromptu tea-party. The staff area is the spine in this ‘i’ shaped plan, where space management is at the peak. By integrating smart material, appliances and techniques, it is designed to enhance mood to do more. The fine combination of glass doors and double glazed hermetically sealed windows with 25mm air gap raises the fenestration level to the desired mark.